Create a Message that SPREADS
The power of Video combined with Viral strategies

The Innovative path to engineering a powerful Brand, developing an infectious Story and wielding Real Influence.  

More Views, More Engagement, More Customers
Discover how the Spread Factor process has helped 
businesses like yours Triple in revenue.
Have an Impact
Create clear and compelling stories that your audience will spread like wildfire.
Unlock your unique Viral DNA that builds trust...Fast.
Even with a small following you can generate significant attention.
Become a 
Marketing Master
You’ll have a proven filter to clarify all of your communications, find your market and attract a crowd 
Mind Blown. I knew videos were the path forward, now I have the 
road map to create my UNIQUE channel of Influence."
-Natalie West 
What Makes Spread Factor So Different?
There is no other course like this one...and there won't ever be. 
No one else on the planet has the combined Media and Storytelling experience as award winning Journalist Jonathan Creek.

Or the near decade of research and insights into Human behaviour and Viral content.

This course is draws on his experience making mass consumption video stories as well as the research extracted from dissecting more than 1200 Viral videos since 2012. 
Spread Factor started as an unofficial "PHD", researching one simple question: 
 "What makes some content Spread?" 

After years researching Viral trends and endless hours interviewing expert Psychologists, Human behaviouralists and even Hollywood producers the answer delivered an algorithmic formula.

Named "Spread Factor" it was first used by brands to measure the likely success of their videos much like  market research but instead gauging the contagious nature of their video content.

The formula draws on Brain science, Branding, Story structures and delivering on Mass consumption strategies - aligning them all to create content people will instinctively share.
This that formula reverse engineered for you. 

It's the most innovative approach to effectively marketing your business.
Easy to follow and implement, designed for immediate impact. 

This course can't promise you instantaneous viral success but long term it will guarantee increased visibility, reach and engagement.

 3 cornerstones for growing any business. 

The Spread Factor online program helps companies understand 
what their customers are looking for so they can tell their story in a way that has the 
audience not only listening but instinctively SHARING.
"The Spread Factor workshop clarified my message 
to the point where I was instantly understood and in demand as a Coach."
Mary Henderson - CEO & Founder Of 6 Figure Expert
What You're Going To Receive Today
10 Easy to follow weekly Modules
30 Instructional videos,PLUS live weekly coaching
Tailored Scripts
and templates
 Learn at your own pace, from your own place (Avoid overwhelm)
 Direct email access throughout the course
 Membership to exclusive Spread Factor experts community (Forever)
 Can't make a weekly coaching call? No problem
All of our weekly sessions are recorded so you can access the training at any time 
(*Not included in Basic package) 
What's My Investment?
Lose all the reasons why you're not making an impact with video before now.
Remove the blocks that stop you from pressing record. 

There is no doubt Video is the King of Content.
Yet 99% of people will never push that button.

The reason isn't because they don't have a camera or they don't have  time. 

Most people don't press record... is because they're scared...

 ...And they're scared because they're unsure what to talk about. 
Unsure they will resonate. 
 Worried sick they'll be mocked or judged. 

Leave all those Fears behind. 
Drop the blocks that are holding your back. 
 Those worries will all evaporate when you have clarity around your message.
The Spread factor process reveals the stories you need to tell and how to tell them in order to be relevant and influential.

We work with you to reveal your unique Viral DNA. 
A combination extracted from your brand, story and triggers to  generate infectious messaging.
 Designed for Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Creators who don't have the luxury of Advertising agency sized budgets to force their message onto millions.
 The Spread Factor advantage delivers increased levels of attention and exposure at a fraction of the cost on both organic and paid campaigns, on and offline.

The outcome is a Road map for you, your brand or your business on how to continually create relevant, infectious content even as you innovate and evolve.

How to grow your audience, Land more sales and to dominate your market sector.   

The greatest investment you can make is in yourself:
 Clarify your Message.
Learn how to tell your own infectious Stories...forever.
And apply the Science that triggers your audience to Trust you, Refer you and instinctively SHARE your work. 

Online Course Ticket
$1,497 AUD
Per Person
When you invest in Spread Factor, 
you're Going To Receive..
1) The Spread Factor Marketing Masterclass 
so you can produce winning stories for Social media, Sales pitches and Online/ Offline advertising 
(Value $3997)
2) Dissection of the Million dollar Story framework
Download the slides, make the edits and deploy them immediately 
(Value $1997)
3) Over 20 One hour Group Coaching sessions
Weekly support and accountability (excludes DIY package)   
You can learn from the success of other participants while absorbing unique Story narratives 
and angles for great Videos being developed in real time. 
(Value $2997)
4) Roadmap, Cheat Sheets and Script templates  
so that you can have quickly develop and execute the most valuable learnings of the course, forever. 
(Value $997)
5) Advanced Storytelling and Attention Seeking techniques 
not found anywhere else that will drastically boost your engagement numbers and conversions
Total (PRO) Group Training Value: $9,988 USD
Get Instant Access Today
We can be involved as much or as little as you want. 
Choose a package to suit. 
One Time Fee
  • 100 % DIY
  • - Receive the 200+
  •    page manual
  • - 30 + Training videos
  • - All Worksheets &
  •    Templates
  • (No coaching -No calls) 
One Time Fee
  • Weekly group
  •    coaching
  • - 24/7 email support
  • - 30 + Training videos
  • - 200 + page manual
  •  - Access to the
  •    closed Spread
  •    Factor community
Payment Plan Available
  • Four 
  •    1 - 1 Calls
  •     with Jonathan
  •     Creek*
  •  - Weekly group
  •     coaching
  • - 24/7 email support
  • - 30 + Training videos
  • - 200 + page manual 
  • - Access to the
  •    closed Spread
  •    Factor community
Payment Plan Available
  •     - Let us design your   
  • 12 mth strategy &
  •   the creative for 3
  •   potent videos for
  •  your business.
  • - Four
  •   1 - 1 Calls
  •    with Jonathan
  •    Creek*
  • - Weekly group
  •    coaching
  • - 24/7 email support
  • - 30 + Training videos
  • - 200 + page manual 
  • - Access to the
  •    closed Spread
  •    Factor community 
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Refund Guarantee!
If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this training, 
you can email our support team within the first 21 days and we will have a refund processed to you instantly.
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